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According to Article 39 of Federal Law #63 "On the Bar and bar activity in the Russian Federation" lawyers of our law office have the right to establish societies of lawyers or apply for membership at other lawyers foundations in the framework of international and regional cooperation. Lawyers of our office are also entitled to participate in short- or long-term collegiate agreements on joint cooperation, according to international treaties and legal service conventions.

On September 3, 2004, the Executive Committee of Coordination Counsel of the International Lawyers Union, the Governing Board of the International Commonwealth of Attorneys and the Governing Board of the Central Counsel of the Union of Lawyers of Russia adopted a decree on joint efforts of lawyers to create a unified legal framework for CIS. On September 24, 2004, representatives of the International Commonwealth of Attorneys, the Russian Federal Union of Attorneys and the Ukrainian Union of Attorneys adopted a Resolution following up the Agreement on creating a unified legal framework, which was signed by Presidents of Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation and Ukraine. In this Resolution parties agreed to develop a unified legal regulatory system of economic and financial relations, to establish a legal system of the uniform economic territory, to harmonize country legislations throughout CIS to the extent required for the normal functioning of the single economic space.

The parties came to a common opinion that the development of this single economic framework would lead to a growth in trade turnover of the countries involved, a flow of capital and strengthening competitive advantages of the national economies. It was also mentioned that the improvement and further development of country legislations should be based on the European legal system due to its resemblance to the legal systems of CIS countries, thus facilitating the approximation of CIS and European UnionТs legal norms.

Due to existing contradictions in CIS international treaties and agreements, the given Resolution proposes to revise all CIS international agreements and give recommendations on necessary changes to be made. The development of single procedures for settling economic disputes between members of the unified economic area will enable CIS attorneys to represent interest of their clients in judicial and arbitration bodies throughout the CIS.

The Russian party in developing and signing the given Resolution was represented by President of the International Commonwealth of Attorneys and Vice-President of the Russian Federal Union of Attorneys G. Voznesenskiy, and the Ukrainian party Ц by First Vice-President of the Ukrainian Union of Attorneys, Chancellor of the Bar Academy of Ukraine and Professor of Law T. Varfolomeyeva.

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