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Dear Customers,

According to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, this section allows you to give your feedback about the quality of our services. Your comments, critique, complaints, recommendations or thanking notes addressed to the Office or to any particular lawyer employed by you are highly appreciated. We value your contribution in measuring the level of our performance and improving the quality of our services.

Serdarov, Cherkez Mikhailovich [ 2005/02/18 ]

Hello! I had the pleasure of visiting your website and would like to wish you every success in your endeavors. I hope you will always defend the interests of your clients and win every battle. Unfortunately, your services cover mostly the Russian Federation. Good luck to you all!
I was always amazed at the ability of your leader to carry things to its conclusion. Do not let us down, Vladimir, we believe in your abilities, power and beautiful mind. The best of luck to you all!

Bogomolov, Alexander Yevgenievich [ 2005/01/01 ]

Hello! Happy New Year 2005! On my behalf, let me wish you fruitful work and customer satisfaction. I believe that there will always be a great demand for your expertise and services. However, defending your clients, you should not forget that they trust you and hope for the best. Your hard work is and will be valued very highly.
Good luck!
Happy New Year!!!

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