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Teaching and Research Work

In early April of 2005 Head of the INTERLAWYER Law Office Vladimir V. Okhramenko was invited to the Academy of National Economy of the Government of Russian Federation to give a series of lectures on taxation law for MBA students of the Institute of Business Administration (School of Strategic Management). According to Article 2, Item 1 of Federal Law #63 On the Bar and bar activity in the Russian Federation, attorneys have the right to be engaged in teaching and research work as well as in other creative activity.

For this special purpose Vladimir Okhramenko compiled course materials titled Tax Reforms in the Russian Law, which cover major issues of the current tax legislation, relevant to both legal entities and private individuals. These materials were primarily based on the work experience of INTERLAWYER lawyers in taxation.

Lectures were devoted to the nature of the Russian tax system, the power of interregional tax inspections, distribution of subjects under tax control among regional inspections by large taxpayers, legitimacy of tax audits and other important issues. Among the problems discussed was also the present tax classification in the Russian Federation and tax payment procedures in federal, regional and local authorities.

In conclusion the lecturer unleashed a discussion on responsibilities for violation of taxpayers rights and gave examples from his own experience of solving tax problems.

Lectures of Mr. Okhramenko were delivered on the 17th and 19th of May, 2005, as was agreed with the School of Strategic Management.

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