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ATTENTION: Dear Customers ! Considering an intensive stream of questions, answers to your questions will be sent, as sequence. Would like to ask you, to leave your requisites (an E-mail, contact phones). Many answers cannot be sent, as, there is no address of your mail of an E-mail, where whom to direct answers to your Questions.

Dear Customers,

This section of the web-site was created to consult interested individuals and companies on different legal matters. You can ask us a question by filling out and sending us a form presented below.

When filling out the form, please describe your question or problem concisely. We will recommend you the best possible solution for your problem based on the information provided by you and according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation and international law standards. However, if you decide to use our services for solving your problem, our office will always be happy to help you.

All your questions will be addressed to the Head of Office Vladimir V. Okhramenko, a practitioner with a 12-year experience in law.


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2. Your civil status:

3. Please describe your problem (or question):

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Your e-mail:

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Thank you for showing interest in our services! We will get in touch with you to discuss your question as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,
Vladimir V. Okhramenko

Head of Office

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