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On March, 16th, 2010 the Vice-president of Lawyer Chamber of Moscow, the Chairman of Moscow Bar "PROTECTION" of Igor Polaykov. Has awarded lawyer Vladimira Okhramenko The Certificate of honor- «For high professional skill in business of protection of the rights, freedom and legitimate interests of citizens and legal bodies».
Президент Федеральной Палаты Российской Федерации Е.В.Семеняко 22.12.2009 года наградил адвоката Охраменко В.В. Почётной грамотой за высокое профессиональное мастерство при защите юридической помощи населению г.Москвы

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A Gift of the Professor, the attorney, a member of the Union of writers of Russia , the doctor of juridical science deserved the lawyer of the Russian Federation - of Gasana Borisovicha Mirzoev to attorney Okhramenko V.V. (Moscow , on February, 6th, 2009)

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Подарок коллеги Фаренвальда Арнольда Вильгельма Эрнста Августра, книга "Онлайн Закон Арбитраж - 2006"
Rewarding of attorney Okhramenko V.V. by "CERTIFICATE OF HONOUR" of Presidium of Moscow Bar "PROTECTION". (Moscow on March, 25th, 2005)
The President of Lawyer Chamber of Moscow Henry Markovich Reznik has awarded with "CERTIFICATE OF HONOUR" of attorney Okhramenko V.V. (Moscow , on September, 16th, 2006)
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