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For legal entities attorneys, according to Item 4, Article 2 of the Federal Law On the Bar and bar activities in the Russian Federation, have the right to provide oral and written consultations on the business law, banking law, taxation and foreign economic affairs, as well as to represent interests of legal entities in government bodies and other organizations of the Russian Federation, in arbitration and international courts on civil, criminal, administrative and property cases in defense of their clients and trustees.

New millennium gives a stronger impetus to the development of societies worldwide. Legislators elaborate new laws and regulations and make amendments to the existing ones. Organizations of any status feel a greater need in professional defense of their interests by attorneys who would fulfill their obligations with full responsibility and dedication. Some of them have been using long-term legal assistance agreements with diversified list of assignments included. These agreements provide on-going legal support for organizations of various forms of ownership, thus, allowing them to have a corporate attorney, as they are called in many European countries.

Many organizations, including foreign companies, seek professional defense of their interests and on-going legal consultations. This area of legal profession includes composing applications, appeals, orders and other legal documents, carrying out specific assignments on behalf of a client, representing clients interests in various government agencies, courts, and other organizations.

The long-term legal assistance agreement was just recently introduced to companies. Some companies are still not aware of its existence or cannot use it this far. However, I am confident that, as time goes by, this type of service will be greatly acknowledged by many businesses, from individual entrepreneurs to large holding companies.


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