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The Federal Law On the Bar and bar activity in the Russian Federation sets forth the definition of the bar and types of bar activities, describes the functions of the bar and attorney authorities. The legislator established a legal norm in Item 4, Article 2 of the given law, which says that organizations, federal and local government bodies shall be represented in civil and administrative legal proceedings only by attorneys except for cases where these functions are conveyed to staff lawyers.

Item 2, Article 3 of the same law describes the operating mechanism of the bar and its relationship with the government. The law says that "the bar operates based on the principles of legality, independence, self-governance, corporate responsibility, and equal rights of attorneys.

According to the given law, INTERLAWYER renders the following services to its clients:

  • counseling on legal issues, commenting on current laws of the Russian Federation, the Newly Independent States, and European countries,
  • composing applications, appeals and other legal documents to be presented in court on civil, criminal, arbitration and other cases,
  • representing clients interests in the court of general jurisdiction, in arbitration courts, government institutions on administrative criminal, civil, arbitration and other cases,
  • engaging in preliminary investigations on criminal cases as counselors and/or representatives of the injured party, the plaintiff or the defendant,
  • providing on-going legal support for legal entities in the Russian Federation, the NIS and European countries, developing legal documentation to facilitate business activities,
  • developing documentation for establishing, restructuring and liquidating companies and organizations of various ownership forms, including representations of foreign companies in the Russian Federation,
  • advising on privatization of public and municipal property in the Russian Federation,
  • counseling on the Russian banking and corporate law,
  • counseling on the Russian taxation and customs laws,
  • counseling on the Russian foreign currency law, investment activity in the Russian Federation, including projects on mineral resources,
  • providing legal assistance for real estate contracts and real estate construction projects,
  • providing legal assistance for commercial deals, including those with foreign partners,
  • counseling on housing and civil issues,
  • facilitating visa obtaining, the arrangement of foreign passports and invitations for resident or non-resident companies and individuals,
  • expert examination of legal documents.


INTERLAWYER is developing through diversification in all areas of law. INTERLAWYER maintains close contacts with attorneys from the Newly Independent States and European countries, thus constantly expanding its clientele.



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